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  • Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle: Customize the plan to suit your unique needs and daily routine.
  • Comprehensive Plan: Covers nutrition, exercise, and mindset for holistic health.
  • Expert Guidance: Crafted by experienced coaches who understand your challenges,
  • Community Support: Join an exclusive, supportive group of like-minded individuals.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." – Jim Rohn

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." – Napoleon Hill

Lifetime Access to Our Exclusive Community

Join our weight loss program and get lifetime membership to our private, exclusive Facebook community.

By joining, you’ll receive: ​

  •  **Dedicated Support:** Ongoing assistance from experienced coaches and fellow participants.
  • **Latest Health Insights:** Stay updated with the newest tips and strategies for weight loss and wellness.
  • **Exclusive Content:** Access to resources and content not available anywhere else.

Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey, share your progress, and stay motivated with expert advice and exclusive content tailored just for you.

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Real success Stories

Hear from our participants who have transformed their lives with our program:

"Transformation Beyond the Scale"​

"Before joining 'Wellbounders Vital Shift,' I felt trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting that left me feeling defeated. But this program changed everything. Not only did I lose 30 pounds in just 12 weeks, but I also gained an incredible amount of energy and confidence. The comprehensive approach led to a transformation that went far beyond the scale. I'm not just lighter; I'm happier and healthier in every way."

- Samantha D., 54

"More of a Lifestyle than a Diet"

"'Wellbounders Vital Shift' is more than a weight loss program; it's a lifestyle change. With the guidance of the program, I've not only shed 25 pounds but have also learned how to maintain my new weight with ease. The program's focus on low-carb eating, managing insulin levels, and easy-to-follow meal plans made the difference I needed. It's not about restrictions; it's about making smarter choices that I can live with. This program has truly been a game-changer for me."

-Michelle R., 58 

What You'll Get in Our Program

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Transformation ​

Our comprehensive 12-week program is designed to help you achieve lasting weight loss and vibrant health. Here’s what you can expect: 

**Weeks 1-2: Structured Eating Plans**

- Learn how to create balanced meals that promote weight loss.

- Easy-to-follow meal suggestions and recipes.

**Weeks 3-4: Incorporating Exercise**

- Simple exercises to kickstart your fitness journey.

- Tips to integrate physical activity into your daily routine.

**Weeks 5-6: Mindset and Motivation**

- Techniques to build a positive mindset.

- Strategies to stay motivated and overcome obstacles.

**Weeks 7-8: Sleep Optimization**

- Importance of sleep for weight loss and health.

- Tips to improve sleep quality and duration.

**Weeks 9-10: Stress Management**

- Understand the impact of stress on weight and health.

- Effective stress reduction techniques.

**Weeks 11-12: Reflect, Evaluate, Plan Ahead**

- Review your progress and celebrate your achievements.

- Plan for maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.

Join Our Program and Take the First Steps Towards a Healthier, Happier You!

The Risks of Not Taking Action

Ignoring your weight loss goals can have serious consequences on your health and well-being.

  •  **Increased Health Risks:** Higher chances of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • **Reduced Mobility:** Greater difficulty in maintaining an active lifestyle due to joint pain and other mobility issues.
  •  **Lower Energy Levels:** Feeling tired and sluggish, impacting your daily activities and overall quality of life.
  • **Mental Health Impact:** Increased stress, anxiety, and decreased self-esteem.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take control of your health now and join our program to start your transformation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: How long is the program?**

A: Our program lasts for 12 weeks, providing you with all the tools and support you need for a lasting transformation.

**Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?**

A: Our  suggested meal plans are flexible and can be tailored to meet various dietary needs and preferences.

**Q: Do I need any special equipment for the exercises?**

A: No special equipment is needed. Our exercise recommendations are designed to be done at home with minimal equipment.

**Q: How do I access the community?**

A: Once you join the program, you will receive an invitation to our private Facebook community, where you can connect with other members.

**Q: What happens after the 12 weeks?**

A: You will have lifetime access to the resources and community, allowing you to continue your journey with ongoing support.

 Ready to Transform Your Life?

Join our comprehensive weight loss program and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. With

lifetime  access to our exclusive community, personalized guidance, and a proven plan, there's no better time

to start than now.  Don’t let another day go by. Take action today and experience the transformation you've

been waiting for.

From Personal Triumph to Shared Success: Our Journey to Lasting Weight Loss

Meet the faces behind the transformation: Your guides on the journey to a healthier, happier you. Introducting LaVonne and Brad Winn - the health coache duo dedicated to making your weight loss journey a success.

After two decades of navigating the ups and downs of weight loss, enduring short-lived victories, and exploring every diet under the sun, we finally discovered the secret to lasting weight loss success.

Together, we shed 50 and 40 pounds respectively, and have maintained our healthier selves with ease for over two years.

When we shared our approach with friends and family, their incredible results confirmed it: this wasn’t just our success story; it was a solution that could help many.

That realization sparked a beautiful idea. We knew this wasn’t something we could keep to ourselves.

This very plan has been the cornerstone of our one-on-one coaching, transforming lives one session at a time.

But we understand that personal coaching isn’t for everyone, whether due to personal preference or budget constraints. We believe that the journey to health and happiness should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few.

This belief is at the heart of our mission. We’re on a quest to ensure that anyone who dreams of losing weight and boosting their health can do so.

That’s why we’re thrilled to open the doors to our once-exclusive program, making it avail
able and affordable for everyone.

Join us, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Here's what you get:

To make your journey even more impactful, joining 'Wellbounders Vital Shift' today also gives you access to these exclusive bonuses...​

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  • Number two Wellbounders Vital Shift Sample Meals and Snacks Guide. No more wondering what to eat. ($59 value)
  • Number threeWellbounders Vital Shift Progress Tracker Sheets. Know exactly where you stand.  ($27 value)
  • Number four:  Wellbounders  Vital Shift Affirmation Success Scripts. Banish self-doubt and negative thoughts. ($27 value)
  • Number five:  Wellbounders Low Carb Recipe Pack. Take the guesswork out of cooking. ($49 value)
  • Number Six:  Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook community for ongoing support and guidance. ($199 value, but truly priceless!)

Total Value -  $408 

Today Just: $37


Vital Shift Weight Loss Program

Unlock the door to a healthier, more vibrant you with our Vital Shift Weight Loss Transformation program. This comprehensive guide is your first step towards a life where you control your weight, not the other way around. Dive into a world of empowering resources designed just for you.

  • ​Trustworthiness: With over two decades of personal experience battling weight loss and countless success stories from our initial program participants, we've honed a system that truly works. Our journey from struggle to success is at the heart of every strategy we share
  • ExpertiseAs the creators of the 'Wellbounders Vital Shift' program, we combine personal triumphs with researched strategies to offer you an unparalleled path to wellness. Our expertise is your blueprint for success
  • Advantages: Embrace this opportunity now to revolutionize your approach to weight loss and health. With immediate access to the program, you're not just choosing to lose weight; you're stepping into a lifestyle of sustained wellness and vitality. Don't let another day pass wishing for change—make it happen today
  • ​Community Support: By joining now, you have the unique opportunity to become a charter member of our emerging Wellbounders Vital Shift Community on Facebook. This positions you as a pivotal part of a community that’s just beginning to grow. As a charter member, your experiences, successes, and insights will play a key role in shaping an environment of mutual support and empowerment for everyone embarking on their weight loss journey. Be one of the first to contribute to a space where each member’s journey is acknowledged and celebrated.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the effectiveness of our weight loss program and want you to feel completely secure in your decision to join us. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program within the first 30 days, simply let us know, and we will issue a full refund—no questions asked.

Join our program today with confidence and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

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