About Us

LaVonne & Brad Winn

Hello, and welcome to Wellbounders! We're your Health Coaches, dedicated allies on your journey to achieving health, wellness, positive mindset, and abundance in all areas of life.

We are "wellbound and determined" to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in every area of our lives.

Like many of you, we've dealt with health issues, stubborn weight gain, insomnia, low energy, feelings of defeat and desperation, financial insecurity, and difficulty becoming and staying motivated.

We have both known the despair of feeling powerless, defeated, and trapped in a body we no longer liked.

We have known the despair of financial hardship and financial insecurity.

Through the struggles, what kept us going was our determination to change our situation. We refused to believe that we were simply "older and washed up." Instead, we embarked on a mission to reclaim control of our health, our body, our mindset, and our finances.

Fast forward to today, we stand before you as living proof that it's never too late to transform your life, your health, and your finances. We shed the excess pound, banished brain fog, painful joints, insomnia, and every other symptom we were enduring.

We sought online education to learn the skills we needed to start new online businesses. We had low tech skills, but with the right training we were able to get started in an online business in less then six months.

We transformed our struggles into stepping stones, our pain into power, and our experiences into expertise to help others.

Welcome to our tribe, my fellow "Wellbounders". Our shared journey is one of empowerment, resilience, and transformation. No matter how difficult the challenge may seem, you are not alone. Together, we are "Wellbound and Determined" to live our best lives, regain control of our lives and our health, and silence the voices of doubt.

If you're ready to embark on this journey of transformation, you have come to the right place. In this tribe, every victory, no matter how small, is celebrated. So let's step into this journey, one step at a time, and remember, the power to change your life, your health and your finances is always within you.

So, to all the "Wellbounders" out there, are you ready to embrace the life you've always wanted? Let's embark on this journey together, "wellbound and determined."

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