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  • Get access to actionable advice and support for maintaining your wellness journey with ease. .
  • As part of this journey, discover the Vital Shift Weight Loss Program—designed to provide structured eating plans, expert nutritional guidance, and all the essential downloads to support your goals.

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"Discovering Wellbounders was a game-changer for me. After turning 50, LaVonne’s guidance helped me not just lose those stubborn pounds but also regain my energy and zest for life."

- Janet W.


"The Vital Shift Weight Loss Program transformed how I approach nutrition and health. Her personal experience and tailored plan made the difference, leading to sustainable weight loss and a newfound joy in wellness."

- Sophia R.

Meet Your Coach, LaVonne

With a personal victory over a 20-year weight loss battle, LaVonne is a beacon of hope and inspiration. As a certified health coach, LaVonne has curated the Vital Shift Weight Loss Program, combining her passion and knowledge to empower women over 50 to experience their own journeys to renewed health and confidence.

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